Mission, Vision, Aims & Priorities

Our Mission

We preserve, interpret and make accessible for all, the past and present of Chapel Bay Fort, the defences of Milford Haven and the development of military technology .

Our Vision

To inspire present and future generations to learn and discover more about the history that shapes the nation we are today.

Our Aims

These aims govern our priorities, activities and actions:

Inspire People

Create inspiring experiences that help our visitors understanding of our history and how it has shaped our world.

Secure Our Collections

Preserve, interpret, share and make our collections accessible.

Promoting Our Reputation

Connect more with people locally, nationally and internationally to engage with and involve the widest possible audience.

Develop Our Organisation

Develop our volunteers to work together in achieving our aims, creating a resilient and sustainable organisation.

Our Priorities

Our priorities are to:

  • create an inspiring visitor experience
  • develop, preserve and increase access to the collection
  • improve our collections knowledge and share it
  • engage with our visitors and the general public
  • respect and support our volunteers in their roles, to help them acquire and develop their skills and to involve them in the development of the museum
  • improve our digital engagement

Our Values

Our core values are:
Creative: we are innovative and thrive on good ideas.
Welcoming: we are open, friendly and enabling.
Collaborative: we are enquiring, receptive and connected.
Forward thinking: we look for the big picture as well as the detail.